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THE SKY IS FALLING! Even Extremely Liberal Huffington Post Rag Calls BS On Crooked Hillary

Crooked Hillary Campaign Panders To African-Americans With ‘Yo Mama’ And Hot Sauce

LET THEM EAT CAKE: Crooked Hillary Gets Rich Off Haiti Disaster While Millions Of Haitians Suffer

Crooked Hillary’s Life of Deceit and Lies

Mainstream Media Proves They’re Crooked Hillary’s No. 1 Super PAC

Crooked Hillary’s Pathetic Podesta Campaign Manager Grouped VP Picks Into ‘Food Groups’ — i.e., Race and Gender

Crooked Hillary And Her Cronies Will Stop At Nothing To Get Elected: Paying Mentally Ill To Protest, Voter Fraud Rampant

Crooked Hillary State Department Plays Quid Pro Quo, Offers FBI Agents Overseas Positions In Return For Altering Emails

Corrupt Kaine Once Again Proves He’s Living In LaLa Land

CROOKED HILLARY UPDATE: While Presidential Bid Continues To Tank, Crooked Watches Cats Do “…weird and interesting things.”

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Clinton Strategy Preys On “Needy Latinos,” Calls Gov. Richardson A D***

Crooked Hillary HATES Catholics

Kaine Not Only Corrupt, But Stupid Too

Crooked Hillary Pathological Liar: More Evidence of Tampering Uncovered

Crooked Hillary Violates US Anti-Terrorism Law in Libya

Ed Klein: Hillary Clinton Uses ‘People as Punching Bags’

Hillary Wants You Eliminated: ‘Basket Full of Deplorables’

Crooked Hillary Orders Drone Strike On Wikileaks Founder

Kaine Likens Trump Supporters to Slave Owners

Corrupt Kaine’s Disturbing History of Flip-Flopping

Crooked Hillary’s Foundation Hid a Foreign Donation of $2 Million


Endless Corruption: Kaine Backs Corrupt Clinton Foundation

Kaine says Clinton has held one press conference in 274 days, not none

Like Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine Will Say Anything to Get Elected

Kaine Fails 9/11 Victims: Dodges Vote

Kaine Supports Clinton Foundation Foreign Donation Policy

Kaine Covers Up Clinton Email Lies

Where Does Kaine Stand On Abortion When He Accepts Their Campaign Cash?

Kaine Blows In Every Direction He Can

Roger Clinton Lives in Swanky $900,000 House Owned by Former Bill Clinton Adviser

WikiLeaks Shows Crooked’s Staff Hates Her — Trusted Advisor Throws Her Under The Bus

Democrats Confirm What Trump Says Is True: ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED!

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Once Again, Crooked Hillary Thinks She’s Above The Law: One Set Of Rules For The ‘Little People’ And One Set Of Rules For Her

Crooked Hillary Encourages And Incites Violence At Trump Rallies With Paid Protestors, Mentally Ill People

Wikileaks Email Dump Makes Wimpy Clinton Aide Cry As Pressure Mounts On Crooked Hillary To Actually Tell The Truth

Despite Making Millions By Selling The State Department, Crooked Hillary Steals Furniture, Lamps

Crooked Hillary Bashes Obama Over Cocaine Use, Religion

SLICK WILLIE IS NO FRIEND OF HAITI: While Haiti Suffered From A Devastating Earthquake, Crooked Hillary, The Clinton Foundation And Her Cronies Cashed In

IT’S RIGGED!: WikiLeaks Exposes Biased, Liberal Media Loves Crooked Hillary

Crooked Hillary Campaign Violates Election Laws: Further Evidence of Rigged System

Crooked Hillary Slanders Sanders Supporters: ‘Basement Dwellers’

Hillary Clinton Short Circuits Again: Can’t Remember Ordering Drone Strike On Assange

Bill Clinton Thinks Obamacare Is ‘Crazy’

Corrupt Kaine Wants Your Guns

Clinton/Kaine Can’t Be Trusted On National Security

Clueless Kaine Ignores ISIS Threat

Kaine Thinks Nothing of Terrorism

Crooked Hillary Hates Coal, Threatens Coal Miners

Kaine Backed Obama’s Devastating Cuts To Virginia’s Sinking Economy

Kaine Supports Job-Killing Trade Deals

Clinton #1 Enemy of Small Business

Crooked Hillary’s Globalist Trade Agenda Destroyed Pennsylvania Manufacturing

Clinton Foundation Forced to Refile at Least 5 Years of Annual Tax Returns

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Two Peas in a Corrupt Pod: Kaine Defends Clinton on Email Scandal

Follow the Money: Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Dangerous Russian Uranium Deal

Tim Kaine Took $160,000 Worth of Gifts in Office

Kaine Threatens Public Health By Missing Zika Virus Vote

After Sticking Students With Tuition Hikes, Kaine Flip-Flops